07 September 2010

GratiTuesday- 3 Loads of Dishes!!

Today was spent in the kitchen! It was a cooking fest to end all cooking fests! 
We were running low on baby food, so I had to whip up a batch of Gman's tried and true favorites that don't upset his little system. As well as some new foods that we are venturing into. So far we have been stuck in  the rut of Plums, Prunes, Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans.  This time we are trying Acorn Squash, Eggplant and Peaches! Exciting world out there!  

After the baby fooding was done I had to make breakfast for Tony for the week. Which was just a simple Breakfast Casserole. I cook one before each work week and he has a yummy & hot  breakfast all week long. 

Next was the seeds from the Acorn Squash! When I was making the baby food it occurred to me that I could roast the seeds! I love seeds of pretty much any kind and I hate to waste, so this was an awesome discovery!  

Next was (and is) the most exciting part! Fruit Leather! I have no idea how it will turn out because it takes 12-18 hours to make in the oven.  The recipes that I found were for one fruit. But I'm not one to follow directions.. so I am trying sweet potato- apple leather. I'm excited to give it a try in the morning!

Somewhere in there I made a mediocre dinner. For real.. it was boring.

The madness resulted in 3 full loads of dishes in the dishwasher! While I am not a huge fan of loading/ unloading the dishwasher... the fact that I did today means that we have plenty of food on the table. We have the means to prepare our own nourishing foods and that the Lord is keeping watch over our family.  For that I am grateful.



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