05 September 2010

World's Largest Marshmallows & Belle Isle

Blah blah blah health food smealthfood!

 The other day while shopping  for organic something or other at Martins I ran across the biggest marshmallows in the world! So I pretty much had to buy them and then we had to make s'mores with them.

We had our friends Andy and Danielle over for a late Birthday Shindig for Andy... being the rockstars that we are we bought him a meat thermometer.  Cool right?

They were too big to fit on a graham cracker! They were insanely messy... it was so dumb.

And here is the sad part... they were really gross! I don't think anyone finished even one! And nobody wanted s'more! ( I'm a hoot!) They all met their doom in the fiery pit of the fire pit.  Danielle took the rest of the marshmallows home for a marshmallow fight... I think they are good for that purpose, but that's about it. 

After church today we decided that we needed to check out Belle Isle again, It has been a while since our last trip.  The weather was perfect! We walked out on the rocks for a while, Bastian and Tony tossed rocks into the water, we watched bare chested men with puppies flirt with the ladies, we watched a bunch of people try to look cool and fall in the water and then we watched a Rottweiler haul a piece of driftwood larger than himself out of the water! What a great Sunday!

Coolest Dog Ever! 


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