14 September 2010

Tuesday is Science Day

Today we strayed a little from our schedules and let Bastian take a bath with Gman.
Gman loves to take a bath with Bastian... that is until Bastian splashes him in the face!

After breakfast and morning nap for Gabriel we headed for 3 Lakes Nature Park for Science Day!

Today we were learning about Leaves. 
We collected leaves. Talked about shape, size and color of them...
We also walked through the Nature Center to see Bastian's favorite animal the Alligator snapper. 
And of course made time to swing!

And after we got home we started our craft project with some of the leaves collected.

We painted the leaf in "Peacock colors" and stamped it on the shirt... then Bastian went crazy on the thing!

He's super excited to wear it to bible study tomorrow!


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  1. What a cool shirt Bastian! I can't wait to see it tomorrow!