22 September 2010

One more try!

I am trying a new way to post documents to my blog since the previous method seems to be hit or miss...

I will toss up a few things.. some useful and some not so much. Some people prefer to have their homemaking binder full to the top... if that's you, enjoy the boring/useless pages!

First up is a Babysitter Checklist The colors are kind of lame but it seems to be pretty useful. I might pretty it up later.

Next is Solid Food Schedule This is a traditional schedule based on the information from Wholesome Baby Food. I might be creating a new one with less "traditonal" foods and based on Nourishing Traditions...

Page 2 of the feeding schedule is here... It should take you right up to a year. It's a great tool to have if baby has any feeding issues it's also great to ensure the food introductions are properly spaced.

Hopefully those bad boys will work and then I can tart tossing up more documents.


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