17 September 2010

Friday is Math Day!

We didn't really have an exciting Math Day.  On Math Day we usually make a better effort at counting anything and everything... and that is pretty much what we did today.

We also played Busy Farm and did Tangrams. Unfortunately I do not have photos....

We made a  school bus/train in the livingroom. Bastian was the bus driver and Gman and I were passengers. After multiple trips to the "grocery store" and the "doctor" Bastian decided to get an easier bus route... This crowd was much less demanding than we were!

 Bastian actually hauled those chairs into the playroom all by himself too! I'm amazed by his strength... I would have bet that he couldn't do that! 

We also made some plantable seed paper. Which is really exciting. The purpose was mainly to figure out what we are doing so that when the time comes and we actually want to give them to someone... they look halfway presentable.  It was super fun and super easy. Bastian loved to stir and measure/add the seeds... we also added some dried calendula and mint just for looks.  In the photo they are still wet and super thick... they should dry quite a bit smaller... 

It will be pretty thick paper this time around though... but that is what a practice round is good for right?

 Bastian and I finished off our day by heading outside and ripping up the garden. We pulled out the tomato plant. We have gotten quite a bit of good tomatoes from it, but lately something seems to be getting to them before we do... and I am sick of watering it! After that we added some brown compost and turned our pile. I am excited that next year we should have TONS of good compost for our garden. 

 So- in the end we didn't do a ton of Math specifically... but quite a bit of Math "theory" type work... I am satisfied with what was done... The joy of homeschool is that you can pick up slack on another day if necessary and you can do it in your undies if you want!  


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